Thursday, July 4, 2013

Baby Scrap Book

I did this baby scrap book for my niece who just had a baby. I did the pattern on 28 Count Tea Dyed Monaco linen with DMC 931 and Blanc. I wanted that vintage feel. I changed the pattern a little instead of the bear in the corner I did a train and a little on the alphabet sampler because the colors clashed together. I used blue and cream polka dot linen that I got from Seasonal Supplies at
I love this linen because half of it is color background and cream dots and the other half is cream background with colored dots on the same cut of fabric. She has great novelty fabrics such as the little girl washing novelty fabric. photo below. Mamilou Creations made a great cross stitch pattern that is free on her site. 

There is also a tutorial to put together is book cover here:

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