Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pot Lid

I started cross stitching some jars and tins. One I finished now. More on the way.

I used 40 count cream linen, DMC 930, 931, 932. I also ironed on a patch of fabric to match with fusible heat n' bond so you can not see the unsightly stitching on the back through the jar and attached the label with double sided craft tape. It is very strong so it worked well on staying on the jar.

I bought the blue flower ribbon from Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes
The blue ric rac from local craft store.
Alphabet pattern from the book "Au fil du Temps qui passe (here)"
Label found in "Creation Point de Croix" Magazine on Pinterest (here)

Mamilou Items

I made these little items Needlebook, pincushion, needle roll from the pattern of Mamilou Creations.

The needlebook was free on her website. I also made a tape measure to match which was from Secrets de fanny
Instead of cross stitching both sides of the square pin pillow, I used fabric on the bottom. I over stuffed a little.
After putting everything together, I noticed I missed a flower in the corner on the front so I added a silver safety pin charm hanging in the missing spot.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Chocolate Velvet Heart box filled with chocolate from my husband.

 10 inches of snow outside, I need to do some well needed color conversions with my load of JP Coates embroidery thread that I bought for only $2.00. JP Coates is not bad. It is very soft. I have so much of it and even a JP Coates tin that came with the bundle.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome, Merci Small Embroidery

I did some small stitching for a friend that owns a store.

Welcome to greet customers & Merci to say thanks for shopping.
I found the grid Welcome in Mains & Merveilles No. 71 & Merci was a free grid from Des filles et une Aigulle when I purchased some fabric from them.

I made a small tassel for one and some nice ribbons croquet that I purchased from Broderie Passion.