Saturday, September 21, 2013

Exchange with Ateliers d'Antan (Sylvie L.)

My package arrived from Ateliers d'Antan (SYLVIE L.)
Sylvie makes the most amazing items. I wish I had half her talent.  I received these beautiful items from her.
I asked where she bought the blue fabric that she made into a drawstring handbag and Sylvie offered to send me some. So we decided to do an exchange. I did not have time to make her something but I did fill a box full of goodies to her and it had arrived safely in France.

Thank you so much. Love it.

This what I sent Sylvie L. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cherub Drawstring Handbag

This cute drawstring handbag I made with French General Toweling Fabric. It turned out great.
I used 32 count natural linen with DMC 815. Some of the ribbons are vintage and I cross stitched the heart ribbon using stitch band I bought from Atelier Skeekjes en Kruisjes. They have very small to very large stitch bands. The vintage red crochet ribbon, I bought the last 8 yards off of Etsy so I can use it for a handbag. I did add some cute charms, a vintage bone ring and made a little pincushion to use as a charm.

French General Toweling Fabric: Ebay (Vintagemkt)
Some of the Ribbons: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am stuck. Help.

I just finished this cute heart cross stitch and I do not know what to make out of it.
It measures around 12 cm x 12 cm. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have plenty of fabrics, laces, ribbons and such. I just do not know what to do.

Antique Thread Winder

I bought my first antique thread card with red thread. They usually have the black thread but I found one with red. I love it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little bit of everything vintage

Out of all the lace trims, doilies and other vintage items I bought over the weekend at the flea market, these are my favorites.

I found some great carved shell mother of pearl buttons and buckle slides and also silk thread on wood bobbins.

Vintage Needle Books from the 60's.
I love this doily and the technique. I forget what the technique is called but this is how you would make a hoop for a button. I took the photo up close as well.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Antique Button Cards for only $1.00. Great Price.

Antique Button Cards are only $1.00 a card at TIBBYTING on Etsy.

Get them while they are so cheap. Some are even .39 cents. Here are some of the great buttons in this shop. There are more in her store. Check it out and PINTERST this post please.

My Exchange with Celine at Linen and Small Crosses

I am stitching away doing my exchange with CELINE
Here is a sneak peak of my progress.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winter is coming sooner then you think

I am gearing up for winter by buying plenty of kits so I have everything I need for those very cold days. I will not have to go out to purchase my items. I bought the best projects and I will be very fashionable for next spring.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angles Fly

My son's father died today and I hope he is in a better place. I am very fortunate to have a son with him and I will miss him so.

RIP John J. Hillman, III

Monday, September 9, 2013

Drawstring Handbag

This drawstring handbag was a free tutorial on ATELIER DE KITTY.
It holds all of my antique threads on wood spools, pin cushion and embroidery scissors and I also cross stitched a wood spool using all Mas d'Ousvan fabrics from SHABBY FABRICS

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Antique Laces-Flea Market

I loved my blogger friend's CELINE's at Linen and Small Crosses cross stitched antique cast iron clothes iron. She offered me the pattern today. It so happens walking through a new flea market today, I found a
7 lb. antique iron so I bought it. I can not wait to stitch it. I also found some great things like many hand crocheted lace trims and hand painted embroidered flowers that were on a net canvas. They feel very hard. I don't know if this was a salesman sampler or you just pluck them off when you want to use them. There is a photo down below.

Friday, September 6, 2013

More Vintage Spools

I not only received my fabrics and cross stitch kits from Des Histoires in the mail but I went to my favorite vintage primitive shop today. I bought a box of antique sewing thread and bare wood spools and a lot of antique textile spools so when I do an exchange, I will have nice gifts to give.
The women at the shop gave me as a gift an antique needle book advertisement from a food store. It is over 40 years old and still in new condition. She also gave me 2 antique tape measures. One made of cloth and the other has faux jewels and real mother of pearl circles.

 I love me new fabrics and french laundry ribbon.

Des Histoires Red Sac

I got today a lot of mail packages. One being my favorite online stores Des Histoires. I bought the Sewing Box and Red Sac. Sylvie Castellano sent me also some tidbits with my order. Some picture cards.I can not wait to start working on these projects. I already have the fabrics all picked out.

I love the fabric in the center. It has a vintage red from Moda Independence Trail line. The photo is bright, I have to figure out my camera.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ateliers d'Antan Exhchange

My very first exchange has been shipped to Sylvie L at ATELIERS D'ANTAN in France.

I am so excited to do my first exchange. I spoiled Sylvie with gifts because I did not have time to make something. I loved the beautiful checkered towel fabric that she made into a drawstring bag so much that she offered to send it to me because they do have online store and other surprises. We decided to do an exchange last minute.
Enjoy your gifts Sylvie.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vintage Homespun Doily House

I went to the Thrift Store today & to my surprise I found a vintage homespun lace doily house. It measures 49cm x 33 cm. It is really big and in a frame. It also has a vintage embroidered flower piece in one of the windows. Beautiful.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antique Mattress Fabric

My order just came in from:   When Our Grandmothers Sewed

I bought some great vintage mattress fabrics, spools, ribbon, monograms and some cute cut steel pieces that I think were supposed to be buttons but not yet made.

As soon as I figure out how to make a handbag on my own, that is what it will be. Until then it will remain in my collection.

Antique Chromo Paper Butterflies

I found the most beautiful antique chromo paper butterflies. Among the many butterflies was a baby and a bird. I think I may either put on cartonnage or perforated paper.

Here is an example of chromo pieces