Friday, November 28, 2014

Mother of Pearl Buttons Jewelry

I have been keeping busy by creating jewelry with my collection of antique Mother of Pearl buttons. I am not finished with them but just starting.

This bracelet I made beaded the bezel.

I made this necklace with ribbon and mop buttons all around the ribbon and some more in the cameo.

This is a locket with mop button and I used rhinestones on top of the button holes.

This necklace I used a triangle crocheted doily and stiffened it and used mop buttons and lace trim.

These pieces are half finished looking for some inspiration.

Framed Jewelry Organizer

I am in love with this Framed Jewelry Organizer.

Here is a photo and a link to who makes them. (The Cottage of Content)
I love the pineapple patterned doily.

This is the one I made for my daughter. The next one I make will be like the one above but in blue tones.