Saturday, November 30, 2013

Broderie Pouch

I saw this pattern in Creation Point de Croix Magazine Issue October/November 2012.
I used 32 count natural linen DMC #815, 816, Ecru & a tan color, can not remember the number.
I made a tassel with ribbons and lace with an initial charm for the owner and a cute red bow charm.
I love the french laundry Japanese linen I used for this project. I also used red polka dot Japanese linen. I love this also because half of the linen is red with cream dots and the other half of the linen is cream with red dots.
The biggest challenge, the zipper. I had a really hard time putting it on because of the curve of the bag. Never again.

Japanese French Laundry Linen: Seasonal Supply-Etsy Shop
Japanese Polka Dot Linen: Seasonal Supply-Etsy Shop
Initial "A" Charm: Bead Supplies-Etsy Shop  (They also have in pink, blue, white, antique silver)
Red Bow Charm: Bead Supplies-Etsy Shop
Natural linen red ribbon: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes
Tassel Ribbons & Lace: from my reserve

Flower Drawstring Bag

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I love to hear from you and your opinions.

While searching Pinterest I found this beautiful flower drawstring bag made by Made In Fred
The blogger did  not specify where she found the pattern only it was a Japanese Sewing Book.
I actually ran in to the pattern purely by accident searching a site and here it the link: Flower Drawstring Bag Pattern.

(Bag made by MADE IN FRED)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Miss You Little Sister

I can not believe it has been a year since my sister passed away from breast cancer. Only 35 years old and a whole life to live. Only being married for only 3 years before you were gone. I will miss you always Elizabeth.

(My Daughter & My Sister) 



(I was in 8th Grade) 

Handbag Sachet

While surfing on Pinterest I found a site that sells Victorian themed items and ran across a handbag sachet. I loved it a lot so made one. In the photo it looks more square then it really is.
I filled it with half poly-fil and lavender. I used some lace that I received from an exchange from Sylvie at Ateliers d'Antan and vintage shell buttons dyed pink from my reserve.
It smells wonderful.

The live model was found at Faeries In My Garden
They have beautiful sewing accessories cases, handbags, sachets, everything a girl could ask for. Check it out.
Mas d'Ousvan linen: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes

Key Chains

I made a few more cross stitched key chains. I really wanted one to have the red cherub on it so I made a few more.

I used 32 count natural linen and DMC 815 & 931. My favorite 2 colors. I added some charms and jute thread.

Red Cherub Fabric: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes
Red Yuwa Rose Linen: Au Fil du Temps
Blue Mas d'Ousvan flower fabric: Shabby Fabrics
(Back of Blue Key Chain) Cabbage & Roses Meggernie Blue Linen: Au Fil du Temps
Blue Striped Linen: French General Panier Wovens: Homestead Hearth
Red & Blue Ric Rac Ribbons: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rachel's Wallet

Christmas Gift number 1. I made one so far. A cute wallet for my step daughter for Christmas.
The model I bought from the very talented Chantal from Mamilou Creations and the wreath stitched on the front was from a magazine.
I used DMC 931 & 762. The alphabet I received from my friend.

The model was stitched on stitch band from: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes
Blue Mas d'Ousvan Fabric: Shabby Fabrics
"R" Initial Charm: Etsy Shop Beadsupplies
Vintage lace from reserve.




Friday, November 22, 2013

Cross Stitched Key Chains

My friend CELINE made these cute key chains so I wanted one. I made one for me and one for my step daughter. I filled it with lavender so my purse smells good.

I used 32 count natural linen
Yuwa Red Small Flowers linen : Au fil du Temps
Mas d'Ousvan cotton blue flower fabric: Shabby Fabrics
French General Blue Wovens:  Homestead Hearth
Red Ribbon: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes
Blue Lace: Broderie Passion

Cute Accessories Case

I found this free pattern:  HERE

As always I sewed my pockets crooked. Oh well.

I used 28 count DMC linen with as always DMC 815
The red cotton fabric was bought at my local Walmart.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Exchange from Linen and Small Crosses

My package arrived from France last night. All I can say is wow. Celine, you do really good work.
Celine makes these gorgeous pouches with all of these pockets. I can not hold a candle to her. She even made me a pattern to make one of these beauties.
I sew not straight and cut my fabric not straight. One day I will have to take classes.

I also made a biscornu from a Marie Suarez book.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Des Histoires a Broder Rouge Sac

Finally, I all finished. My biggest challenge. This bag was very difficult to put together. I had to rip the stitches over and over again to get it right.  With every bag I do, I am getting better.  One day I want to do this bag in blue but I will not construct it this way.
I am so excited it turned out well. I had one fabric in mind but decided on my favorite small red rose Yuwa linen.

I added some personal touches like a couple of antique MOP buttons and an antique Swiss lace monogram. I also made a tassel of ribbons and laces and also a pin cushion hanging from a safety pin.

Side Fabric: Moda Dot Essentials (cranberry & cream dots)
Back & Inside Fabric: Yuwa Red Rose Linen: Au Fil du Temps
Red Polka Dot Handles: Sylvie Castellano recommend a website to buy, I forget where.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pouch Bags

As I was looking for handbag tutorials, I came across a French blog with such gorgeous handbags and tutorials. I took one of her tutorials and made these cute pouches.
I am still learning how to sew so my lace did come out crooked on both bags and the tags on the blue bag is upside down and in the tutorial she used hemp linen which is thick and I used linen, mine turned out saggy. On my second bag, I ironed on fleece to thicken just a little but not stiff.

The Tutorial is here : L'atelier de Plum de Lin (Sewing Lesson #2)

Outer Fabric: Cabbage & Roses: AU FIL DU TEMPS
Inner Fabric: French General Wovens: Homestead Hearth
Lace & Button: Antique Stash

Outer Fabric: Natural Linen
Inner Fabric: French General Wovens:  Homestead Hearth

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travel Pouch Tutorial

Hello Cross Stitchers. I found a great tutorial to hold your embroidery hoop, threads and so on.
I am so going to make this. I found the Tutorial: HERE
If you are like me and not good at sewing, this if for you.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pincushion Pouch

Not only you can use your pouch as a pin cushion, you can store your items in it as well. You can re-adjust to the size of your liking.

While you are making one, make one for me to. Have Fun.