Saturday, November 9, 2013

Des Histoires a Broder Rouge Sac

Finally, I all finished. My biggest challenge. This bag was very difficult to put together. I had to rip the stitches over and over again to get it right.  With every bag I do, I am getting better.  One day I want to do this bag in blue but I will not construct it this way.
I am so excited it turned out well. I had one fabric in mind but decided on my favorite small red rose Yuwa linen.

I added some personal touches like a couple of antique MOP buttons and an antique Swiss lace monogram. I also made a tassel of ribbons and laces and also a pin cushion hanging from a safety pin.

Side Fabric: Moda Dot Essentials (cranberry & cream dots)
Back & Inside Fabric: Yuwa Red Rose Linen: Au Fil du Temps
Red Polka Dot Handles: Sylvie Castellano recommend a website to buy, I forget where.


SylvieL said...

Bravo Teresa, ton sac est magnifique !!!
Je n'ai pas encore terminé le mien !!!

toile de lin et petites croix said...

Very, very beautiful. You must be happy to have done it.
I like the details on your bag. said...

Beautiful, it is just my style. Laura Atelier Laura