Saturday, May 16, 2015

DIY Raw Brass to Vintaj Look

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Making inexpensive jewelry using raw brass. I saw some pieces at Joann’s fabrics that was the Vintaj brand and noticed the high prices.

If you do these steps you can get the same look cheaper. I have been doing this for the past few years & I love the look it gives.

You need:

1.  Raw Brass Pieces. One place I buy these pieces is from Dime Store Emporium on Etsy (LINK)
2.    Vinaj Black Onyx Patina Paint
       3.     Paint Brush
       4.     Paper Towel
5.     Dremel Tool & Carbon Steel Wheel (Silver Color Bristles)

Using my earlier tutorial taking raw brass pieces and leaving sit overnight in a sealed container with Ammonia ((HERE)) to start off with. The piece should be very dark in color. Wash off your pieces with a little soap and water to get any ammonia fumes off.  You can use just your fingers, then dry. This is what it looks like after this step.

Using a paint brush and Vintaj Black Onyx Patina Paint, brush on a little at a time because the this paint dries in seconds, then wipe off with a strong paper towel by straightening your finger to wipe so you are wiping off just the top raised parts of the piece. The black should be left in the groves and crevices. 

If you took off to much of the paint and it did not stay in the crevices you can repeat the step.

When you have finished the entire piece it should look like this.  Don't worry if you did not get all the paint off the raised part of the piece.

Using a Dremel tool and the carbon steel wheel attachment, shine the raised surface only. This attachment only shines surface areas so this is key.  Do not push down otherwise you will remove the black paint that is the crevices  It should be turning brown color. Do not over shine. If you shine it to much the pieces will be too light in color.

And there you have it. Your finished piece. This is my finished piece.

This is Vintaj Brand piece.

You can take antique buttons and make a pendant. These are the large drop pendants.

You can other Raw Brass pieces like these filigree circles.

I used the Vintaj Earth Patina Paint on the filigrees to make them brown color and made these earrings which are available in my shop. (My Etsy Shop)

You can find so many stampings all over Etsy in raw brass, oxidized silver, oxidized brass & oxidized copper.  Trying to find the piece you want may take time searching so be patient.

Also to match any Vintaj pieces you can use Vintaj Earth Patina Paint on ear wires, chains, filigree beads, etc. The possibilities are endless.

You can get great pieces at some of these shops either in Raw Brass or plated.

Dime Store Emporium (HERE)
Vintage Jewelry Supplies (HERE)

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