Thursday, April 28, 2016

Chalkboard Wedding Sign & Decorations

I have been working on my Step-Son's Wedding Party. I got stuck making decorations since we are not having an actual reception work $10 thousand dollars. Just a small quaint party since he is in the Navy and on leave to get married.

I decided to do the chalkboard theme which is all the rage for every occasion. I ran into difficulty with this and that.

If you are doing a chalkboard, I found a great tutorial online using a Graphite Stick (HERE) by shading the back of the design with the graphite then tracing your paper onto the chalkboard. Now I used the chalk method which wipes away and leaves a lot of dust on your board. Use the Graphite you will thank me later.

I did print out a large scale design so I went on this free site, downloaded the image then chose the size. My chalkboard was a 24" wide board with a 21" canvas. You take an 8.5 x 11" piece of copy paper and lay it on the board to see how many sheets it takes to cover the board. Mine used 4 sheets, 2 across and 2 down. You can find it (HERE).

I then tried to use a chalk marker. Even with the fine point it was not fine enough for those small areas and it also made heavy liquid marks on the board. I then used a chalk pencil. That is the way to go. It gives it an authentic look and you can sharpen it when needed. Do not use a plywood chalkboard. I have trouble with those. Use a real chalkboard.

Here are my results.

I then made some jars to go with the sign. I tried painting chalkboard paint on them but the paint just peeled off so I bought a large stamp, a roll of chalkboard tape and started stamping. I made some min tags hanging on the jars with jute string. I had an antique jar that had a slot opening so I used that as well for the honeymoon fund.

I then made some flowers out of burlap and jars to stick with the theme. I even printed vintage background paper on cardstock and then cut them out into butterflies. The string is unused burlap strings from the fabric that I dyed the taupe color. After stringing the burlap strings around the butterflies I stiffened the string using a small paintbrush and Mod Podge Matte.

I also got tired of the big chalkboard so I took a shortcut and printed a chalkboard image using photoshop of important dates.

Next on my list of decorations is another printed chalkboard sign for photos of the bride and groom using a portable Picturemate. This will be out photobooth and to earn some                                                                     money for the honeymoon fund & Tulle fabric wrapped                                                                           balloons.

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