Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blue Cotton Girl Pinkeep

I made this Pinkeep for a great blogger who volunteered a couple of vintage monogram appliques. I looked high and low for my initials and I could not find them. The same with the red double letter monogram laundry tapes. I saw one on her website and asked if she could spare it and she sent it right away to me.
Thank you Julia from Vintage with Laces. I did this french design for you in antique blue since I know how much you love french designs.
I used an antique brass curtain clip to hold the top. I love doing this design. It is fast and perfect size. I already did one in red.

I think I will buy some more.


anne marie said...

je suis ravie de découvrir ton blog.
Ce pinkeep est très réussi.

SylvieL said...

C'est superbe !