Sunday, September 8, 2013

Antique Laces-Flea Market

I loved my blogger friend's CELINE's at Linen and Small Crosses cross stitched antique cast iron clothes iron. She offered me the pattern today. It so happens walking through a new flea market today, I found a
7 lb. antique iron so I bought it. I can not wait to stitch it. I also found some great things like many hand crocheted lace trims and hand painted embroidered flowers that were on a net canvas. They feel very hard. I don't know if this was a salesman sampler or you just pluck them off when you want to use them. There is a photo down below.


toile de lin et petites croix said...

Beautiful iron ! I love it !

SylvieL said...

Très belles les dentelles !!!
Belle soirée