Friday, September 6, 2013

More Vintage Spools

I not only received my fabrics and cross stitch kits from Des Histoires in the mail but I went to my favorite vintage primitive shop today. I bought a box of antique sewing thread and bare wood spools and a lot of antique textile spools so when I do an exchange, I will have nice gifts to give.
The women at the shop gave me as a gift an antique needle book advertisement from a food store. It is over 40 years old and still in new condition. She also gave me 2 antique tape measures. One made of cloth and the other has faux jewels and real mother of pearl circles.

 I love me new fabrics and french laundry ribbon.


toile de lin et petites croix said...

I love your fabrics ! It will be very beautiful !

SylvieL said...

De magnifiques achats !!!
J'adore les rubans avec les initiales, je les collectionne ainsi que les vieilles bobines;
Les créations et les tissus de Sylvie Castellano sont superbes , je suis fan !!!
Belle soirée