Friday, March 6, 2015

Antique Button Jewelry

I have a nice collection of antique picture buttons, mother of pearl, glass, etc. So instead of it sitting in a box, I decided to make a necklaces and other jewelry out of them. I have been so busy for the past few months making jewelry and selling it. I have been doing very well in this that I do not have time to cross stitch.  Here are some of my creations made from buckles, glass buttons, MOP buttons, etc.

Antique Czech Stamped Buckle with Cut Steel Rivets, Cricket Antique Cage Buttons

Antique Cut Steels Buckle

Antique Woodback Cut Steels Flower 
                                            Picture Button 

Large Antique Castle Picture Button

Antique MOP w/Cut Steels Button
Large Antique Jet Black Luster Button

Large MOP & Blue Glass Buttons

Antique MOP Cameo & Brass Rhinestone Button                                            on vintage crochet flower

Vintage Collar Flowers that was stiffened & MOP beads

Antique Carved MOP Flower Button inside of                             a locket 

Antique Carved MOP w/Cut Steels & Picture Buttons

Antique Carved MOP & Austrian Tiny Buttons

Antique Carved MOP Buttons layered

Antique Cut Steel Center Openwork Buttons

Antique Blue Glass Swirl Flower Buttons

Antique Jet Black Luster Buttons

Antique Brass & Ivoroid Buttons


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa! It is Linda! what beautiful things you have here, You are so very talented!

Anonymous said...
Hi Teresa, it is Linda... What beautiful things you have made! You are so very talented!

SylvieL said...

Bravo Teresa , tous ces bijoux sont superbes !
Belle fin de semaine

toile de lin et petites croix said...

That's very nice !
Have a good day Térésa !


toile de lin et petites croix said...

That's very nice !
Have a goof day Térésa