Thursday, April 2, 2015

My New Etsy Shop

My journey of collecting antique buttons has started to become a new business.  Check out some of my wonderful handmade jewelry made from antique buttons (circa 1800's) and single antique buttons at my Etsy Shop.  Etsy Shop Antique Button Luver)

Nice Selection of antique picture buttons, enamel button, cut steels, charmstrings, etc. 

Lovely earrings. These are tinted buttons with                                                a fabric back.

Cut Steel floral picture buttons with faux                                                                         wood background.

Carved Mother of Pearl Button Pendant wrapped in filigree & topped with a black glass button.

Aged castle scene picture button on a floral                                              setting. 

A rare antique brass acorn button necklace.

Wonderfully carved mother of pearl button that is dyed 2 tones and topped with a black glass button.

Gorgeous cut steel floral picture button with a weaved basket wallpaper background.

See this and more at my new shop (ETSY SHOP LINK)

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