Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blue Pouch

I made this pouch for my woman who delivers the mail everyday to my door. I also made her a lavender sachet along with the rest of my family of women. Some need to be stuffed.
The pouch I made with cotton gingham and the inside light blue cotton linen mix table cloth I found at the flea market. I love the feel and it is nice and heavy. It was a really big table cloth so I have a lot of it.
The next few weeks I need to work on handbags for my girls. Scary.

Mini Sampler found HERE
Blue Rose Ribbon: Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes
Linen & Blue Lace: Broderie Passion
Blue Gingham: Found at my local market

All the ribbons on the sachets I bought at Atelier Steekjes en Kruisjes. The link is above.


SylvieL said...

La pochette est magnifique
LE galon bleu et beige est superbe

AuVieuxTrousseau said...

Wow, it's wonderful !!

Donatella said...

Stupendi gli angioletti!!! dove posso trovare gli schemi????