Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unknown Model

Does anyone know who makes this model and where I can purchase?
It was at the Fees Brodeuses 2013 in Dijion.

This may be a transfer copy.


S said...

Est-ce du tissu ou une broderie ?
Où l'as-tu vu ?

SylvieL said...

Est-ce du tissu ou une broderie ?Où l'as-tu vu ?

toile de lin et petites croix said...

I don't know this model but it could be the creator Véronique Enginger. Do you know Her ? I'm sure you'll love her models !!!!

Tania said...

I love this as well... if you find out the pattern name and if you can buy it i would love to know. Tania

Tania said...

If you find this I would love to know where you could buy it from love the pattern