Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shadow Box

I finally finished my shadow box. I stained the unpainted wood with a dark stain then painted it white and roughed it up with sandpaper. I put in little antique items like old buttons 2 of them from the 1800's, old spools of thread. I found a metal spool which I thought was cool. Vintage scissors and a thimble and even some old hooks and eyes and a package of needles. I also cross stitched a little handbag and a picture that I saw in the french book Petites Vetrines and cross stitched little spools. I found an old darning in a sewing box with a yellow fabric measuring tape and the skeleton keys I hung with a safety pin and attached really big old hooks and eyes and a pendant that has Queen Elizabeth II on it. The little pin cushion scissor fob has vintage shell buttons from the early 1900's. I do a lot of these when I have really small pieces of fabrics left over.

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