Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spool Bowl

I made this spool bowl because I had spools all over the table and kept losing my needles. I got this idea from She has a great tutorial on how this process is done. I used 28 Count Monaco linen which I love because it is thick and soft like a pillow, some DMC 932 and 3790. I used an old wool skirt that was to small for me on both sides of the bowl and infused them together with lite infusible interfacing. I made twisted cord to match, to hide the seams and to hold the spools into place. I also topped it off with a yo yo flower for the top to give it extra cushion and so the needles don't go all the way through the cushion. I since then changed all the spools for wooden ones because the plastic spools snag the cord that is around the pin cushion. 
This bowl is so handy.

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Mamilou said...

Bravo pour cette jolie corbeille !!!
Chantal ou Mamilou